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Visual Basic


Mon, 2018-10-01 01:49
I need some help on writing simple macros to eg - To be able to select mutiple values in a combobox to store in a single cell - Selecting values in a combobox to store in a cell by typing first 2-3 letters... (Budget: $10 - $30 USD, Jobs: Excel, Excel Macros, Visual Basic)

I need help with VBA for Excel

Sun, 2018-09-30 22:26
Hi, I have a job to be done on an Excel sheet. Requirements: - Should be experienced, because I don't want to spend much time on explanation. - Should be able to start right now. - Should provide instructions... (Budget: $10 - $30 USD, Jobs: Data Entry, Data Processing, Excel, Visual Basic, Visual Basic for Apps)

Ms Access expert.

Sun, 2018-09-30 15:19
i need help with ms access task along with knowledge of excel macorso as well (Budget: $10 - $30 USD, Jobs: Data Processing, Excel, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Office, Visual Basic)

Expert in excel vba

Sun, 2018-09-30 14:31
i need expertise in excel vba task sir (Budget: $10 - $30 USD, Jobs: Excel, Visual Basic, Visual Basic for Apps)

MicroSoft Access Project. Status/Shcedule data Forms and Table

Sun, 2018-09-30 14:05
I have a database with the Tables in it. I need work done in Macros and VBA. No SQL. See the Attached Power Point for Project description and See the Access Database and Excel workbook for examples and more explanations... (Budget: $30 - $250 USD, Jobs: Microsoft Access, Visual Basic)

Build me a program using Visual basic to do trades on a Forex/Binary options account

Sun, 2018-09-30 12:12
Basically, what i need is a program that runs on all versions of Windows The program should be able to connect to my account using a provided API and should be able to make trades on the account using... (Budget: $14 - $100 NZD, Jobs: HTML5, Mobile App Development, Python, Software Architecture, Visual Basic)

Build a google sheet Training Matrix

Sun, 2018-09-30 09:20
I require assistance build some logic and macros into a google sheet to link employee requirements vs compliance. I have an example of a similar working sheet in Excel, however this new one requires... (Budget: $15 - $25 CAD, Jobs: Excel, Javascript, PHP, Software Architecture, Visual Basic)

Simple microsoft excel job

Sun, 2018-09-30 07:19
simple job where i enter 10 sets of 6 numbers from 1-45 example 1 2 14 16 23 42 4 34 23 42 12 22..... each line will show each version of triples within the 6 numbers (permutations). their will be 20 sets of triples for each line... (Budget: $10 - $30 AUD, Jobs: Data Entry, Data Processing, Excel, Microsoft Office, Visual Basic)

Android apps with B4A (extremly simply)

Sun, 2018-09-30 07:10
Using B4A tool of Anywhere Software company, I would like to create an APP in VB language. The APP will have a "welcome" page within... (Budget: €8 - €30 EUR, Jobs: Android, Mobile App Development, Software Architecture, Visual Basic, Web Development)

Using Text to column function

Sun, 2018-09-30 05:16
Hello. I have an issue with open office, please see the attached spreadsheet. As you can see, the boxes that are highlighted I would like those 2 numbers separated and put into the next cell over. Example, Under the FG tab in K10 there are 2 numbers which appear as 29-70... (Budget: $2 - $8 AUD, Jobs: Data Entry, Data Processing, Excel, Visual Basic, Word)

VBA based on NPV and IRR

Sun, 2018-09-30 00:10
Looking for freelancer who is well versed with Excel VBA to be used on simple finance question. Looking for someone who can help code out NPV and IRR values for the scenarios, create a graph visualizing the NPVs... (Budget: $20 - $30 SGD, Jobs: Excel, Finance, Financial Analysis, Visual Basic, Visual Basic for Apps)

Excel Help require

Sat, 2018-09-29 23:09
I am looking for an excel expert who can do fast work in less rates. Details in PM Thank you (Budget: $10 USD, Jobs: Data Entry, Data Processing, Excel, Mathematics, Visual Basic)

Assist with MS Access query/VBA to calculate age in years and months.

Sat, 2018-09-29 22:15
I am building a database for a preschool and need to calculate the children’s ages in years and months. I can work out the ages in years using the datediff function but can’t work out how to refine that to include the date as well... (Budget: $30 - $250 AUD, Jobs: Excel, Microsoft Access, SQL, Visual Basic, Visual Basic for Apps)

Converting Strings and Bytes to Plaintext

Sat, 2018-09-29 19:44
Message: hey Key: 1234 1. convert message string to bytes: (104,101,121) 2. convert byte message to string: 104101121 3. multiply key to string (1234 x 104101121) = 128460783314 *I need help with step 4 and 5* 4... (Budget: $10 - $30 USD, Jobs: .NET, C Programming, Visual Basic)

"Excel VBA automatic fill and submit web forms from excel data"

Sat, 2018-09-29 18:59
its a small project for that i volunteer for (Budget: $10 - $30 USD, Jobs: Data Processing, Excel, Software Architecture, Visual Basic, Visual Basic for Apps)

VBA for Excel required

Sat, 2018-09-29 18:36
VBA for excel is required. Need to create some Micros for excel. (Budget: £10 - £15 GBP, Jobs: Data Entry, Data Processing, Excel, Visual Basic, Visual Basic for Apps)

I need some data entry work on microsoft access

Sat, 2018-09-29 17:02
I need customer records to be entered onto a Microsoft access database, and the information should look consistent and presentable. Budget is flexible, timescale is asap. (Budget: £20 - £250 GBP, Jobs: Data Entry, Database Programming, Excel, Microsoft Access, Visual Basic)

Connect 50 Antminers S9 to mine Electroneum

Sat, 2018-09-29 15:36
I have 50 Antminers S9 to mine ELECTRONEUM they have a software to mine from the cellphone and Windows but it can't be by ASICS miners I need someone to do it Has to be someone that know about Blockchain... (Budget: $1500 - $3000 USD, Jobs: C Programming, Java, Software Architecture, Software Development, Visual Basic)

Autolisp code to set temporary osnap overides in Autocad using the alt+ key

Sat, 2018-09-29 15:34
I am looking for someone to write a small autolisp code / program that runs inside of AutoCAD 2018 that will let me use the alt key plus a number key for temporary onsap overides. AutoCAD will do this with other accellerator keys natively but I want to use the Alt key... (Budget: $10 - $30 USD, Jobs: AutoCAD, CAD/CAM, Lisp, Visual Basic, x86/x64 Assembler)

Windows Program Development

Sat, 2018-09-29 12:03
I am wanting to create a custom menu launch application that also does some copy and paste features. It should trigger on a mouse click and open a 'radial menu', please refer to screen shot. Prefered... (Budget: $30 - $250 AUD, Jobs: .NET, C# Programming, Software Architecture, VB.NET, Visual Basic)

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