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Audio Services

Voiceover artist needed for animation. by rdmctvworks

Wed, 2018-04-11 11:13
Hello, We are looking for voice over artist for my animation project. Its urgent requirement. Thank you. (Budget: $10 - $30 USD, Jobs: Animation, Audio Production, Audio Services, Music, Voice Talent)


Wed, 2018-04-11 09:07
Subtitling from English Media to Khmer sample required. Sample required on an urgent basis. Big project. Payout 50 CENTS PER AUDIO MINUTE. (Budget: ₹600 - ₹1500 INR, Jobs: Audio Services, English (UK), English (US), Translation)

Project for Adriaan H. (Voice over artist) by rdmctvworks

Wed, 2018-04-11 08:54
Hello Adriaan H, Can we chat regarding the project through chat. Thank you. (Budget: $2 - $8 USD, Jobs: Audio Production, Audio Services, Music, Sound Design, Voice Talent)

American-Hawaii Voice Over Actors Needed! by DigitalSpeak

Wed, 2018-04-11 08:34
We need voice over actors with a American-Hawaii accent, contact for more information. (Budget: zł750 - zł2250 PLN, Jobs: Audio Production, Audio Services, Music, Sound Design, Voice Talent)

html5 audio player controls multiple song links on same page by neteagles

Wed, 2018-04-11 08:07
Have page that will be html5 responsive page and display up to 20 + song titles on the page and we want users to be able to click on the song and have player on that page start playing the song - if user selects a different song - has to stop the first and start the next... (Budget: $10 - $30 USD, Jobs: Audio Services, CSS, HTML5, Javascript)

Voice Over Female by VvoiceW

Wed, 2018-04-11 07:57
HI I am looking for Male voice talent to for long term association. Budget voice with professional studio. Charges will be discussed with chosen one. Thanks & Regards (Budget: ₹750 - ₹1250 INR, Jobs: Audio Production, Audio Services, Music, Voice Artist, Voice Talent)

Thai male voice-over fro 2 minutes presentation by denisper

Wed, 2018-04-11 06:58
Hello, I'm looking for a Thai mail voice for our 2 minutes explanation movie. Please send your sample along with a proposal. Thank you. (Budget: $10 - $30 USD, Jobs: Audio Services, Thai, Voice Talent)

Voice talent needed - Record a poem, under 200 words, English language by RoadsideStudio

Wed, 2018-04-11 06:31
We need a poem recorded as a part of our game development project. The voice recording will be used as voice-over on our story, introducing our character to the player. The poem has 187 words including the title... (Budget: $10 - $100 USD, Jobs: Audio Production, Audio Services, English (UK), English (US), Voice Talent)

Voice over 1 min duration by DaniSanjay

Wed, 2018-04-11 05:02
The project is based on marketing video and the duration is 1 min. Artist must be a male and can do it in Hindi. Need the voice over asap within 24 Hr. Script will be shared once we finalize the artist... (Budget: ₹600 - ₹1500 INR, Jobs: Audio Production, Audio Services, Hindi, Music, Voice Talent)

Correction of a C# project for Audio Fingerprinting by abounnooj

Wed, 2018-04-11 03:18
I have a C# project for AudioFingerprinting based on an open source library that I will share with the freelancer who will be awarded the project. The project should scan a folder of MP3 files, extract the Audio fingerprints and store them... (Budget: $30 - $250 USD, Jobs: .NET, Audio Services, C# Programming, Software Architecture)

Russian Voiceover by carmenfan

Wed, 2018-04-11 03:14
Looking for Russian voiceover for a 1 minute video. Here is the video: (Budget: $2000 - $6000 HKD, Jobs: Audio Services, English (US), Russian, Video Services, Voice Talent)

VAPT Audit Services for IT Infrastructure and Web Application | IT T Implementation , IT Consulting etc by shek8312

Wed, 2018-04-11 03:06
We are IT Infrastructure company , we provide l IT Services related work like IT- VAPT Audit | IT Implementation , IT Consulting etc. for our client and looking for part time freelancer person who can... (Budget: ₹50000 - ₹300000 INR, Jobs: Audio Services)

Spanish speaker to record audio by psobol

Wed, 2018-04-11 02:44
I will send a list of Spanish words and you just have to read them into microphone and send the wav or mp3. No background noise like cars crickets air conditioner etc. (Budget: $10 - $30 USD, Jobs: Audio Production, Audio Services, Voice Artist, Voice Talent)

Rap Vocal Mix & Master by CurlyQ

Wed, 2018-04-11 02:09
HQ mp3 & WAV Mixdown Auto & Manual Pitch Correction ! Unlimited Revisions ! Advanced EQ, Compression, Noise Gating, Reverb, Delay & DeEssing . I encourage partnership (Budget: $30 - $250 USD, Jobs: Audio Production, Audio Services, Music, Sound Design)

Voice over by ravip121997

Wed, 2018-04-11 01:10
I wannt someone who is expert in voice over to work with me for some projects. You should have previous experience in voice over and should be able to send me a sample of your voice. The budget is low so you should be happy with what you bid... (Budget: $30 - $250 USD, Jobs: Audio Production, Audio Services, Music, Voice Talent)

Chinese English Voice Over by david881022

Tue, 2018-04-10 22:08
Need a lady who is Chinese, but can speak good English, for a intro call greeting voice over, this around 3min in total of different lines (Budget: $10 - $30 USD, Jobs: Audio Services, English (US), Simplified Chinese (China), Traditional Chinese (Hong Kong), Voice Talent)

Audio production expert in philipines by wangislookingfor

Tue, 2018-04-10 21:41
Hi I am wang xiao chen, I am looking for one people who live in philipines and specialize in Audio production. I have business to manage the club, but just now there are lack of fashioned audio options... (Budget: $250 - $750 USD, Jobs: Audio Production, Audio Services, Music, Transcription, Voice Talent)

Drum Remake by ChalgaManiac

Tue, 2018-04-10 21:22
Can someone please remake this drum pattern for me, I can't seem to find drums that sound similar! BPM: 78 | (Budget: $30 - $60 AUD, Jobs: Audio Production, Audio Services, Music, Sound Design)

Hiring voice talent by tomiemila19922

Tue, 2018-04-10 20:55
I need to hire voice talent who will help me with voice conference. I need a true American Speaker (Budget: $250 - $750 USD, Jobs: Audio Production, Audio Services, Music, Voice Talent)

Smoke Signal Productions by smokesignalprod2

Tue, 2018-04-10 19:11
Arranging/ Mixing/ Producing/ Recording (Budget: min $50000 USD, Jobs: Audio Production, Audio Services, Music, Sound Design, Voice Talent)

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